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Real Estate



Our curriculum includes an online learning program (Our classes can be completed in as little as 14 days but we recommend at least 3 weeks with a maximum time allowed of 6 months):

  • You can take your classes at anytime from anywhere that you have access to a computer and on your own schedule! You may only take a maximum of 9 hours within a 24 hour period (there is no minimum). 

  •  You can typically start within 48 hours after you have enrolled and your tuition is paid.

  • There are 28 sessions that are 3 hours each, totaling the 90 hours that are required by the Arizona Dept. of Real Estate.

  • You will receive the following:

    • All 28 Course Sessions for Arizona Real Estate Principles

    • Arizona Real Estate Digital Textbook

    • Review Course

    • Practice Exams

    • Real Estate Vocab Digital Flashcards

    • School Exam (in person)

    • Additional one on one tutoring can be purchased separately

  • Class Pricing: $499  



We are proud to offer a unique learning experience for those seeking to gain their Real Estate Sales Person or Broker’s License. The Real Estate Resource Center, LLC. The “Arizona Principles of Real Estate” pre-licensing course is designed to enable our students to become fluent and prepared for the Arizona State examination. Our program combines interactive computer learning, a comprehensive textbook, as well as live guidance and interaction from knowledgeable and AZ Department of Real Estate, approved instructors. This combined learning system is extremely flexible.  Once enrolled you may plan your pace according to your own schedule!


We understand that not everyone learns at the same pace or the same way. You may start on nearly any date and schedule completion of the course based on your timetable, at your pace according to ADRE standards. This course consists of the state-required 90 hours and is presented in 28 sessions. You have the flexibility to complete the course in as little as 14 days or if you desire over a six (6) month period.


Tuition and enrollment fees for the 90- hour Salesperson Licensing Course is $499.00, our 90- hour Broker course is $595. Each course includes all textbooks and materials. The textbook provided is entitled Arizona Real Estate Principles and covers each of the specific sessions of the course, providing a wealth of knowledge and insight to prepare you for your Arizona state examination.




The 28 sessions cover the following topics required by the state of Arizona to be a licensed real estate professional.  

  • Real Estate Law, Listings and Ethics

  • Law of Contracts

  • Land, Real Estate and Property Rights, Real Estate Math Intro.

  • Home Construction, Legal Descriptions, Real Estate Math

  • Appraising and Real Estate Math

  • Agency Law, Disclosures and Environmental Hazards

  • Land Use, Land Control and Encumbrances

  • Home Ownership, Estates in Land, Property Insurance

  • Holding Title and Entities for Ownership

  • Fair Housing, Income Tax, and Insurance

  • Title Transfer, Deeds, Wills and Adverse Possession

  • Recording Acts, Title Insurance, Escrow Instructions, Closing Costs, Statements and Pro-rations

  • Real Estate Finance, Financing Instruments

  • Residential Lending and Qualifying Buyers

  • Interest, Discount Points, Defaults

  • Arizona Licensing Laws, Commissioners Rules, AZ Real Estate Code & Rules

  • Mechanics Liens, Judgements and Subdivision Laws

  • Arizona Property Tax Laws, Homestead, AZ Water Rights, Property Management/Landlord Tenant Act


Refund Policy

Should a student register, pay, and does not start a single class, student will be entitled to a refund. The refund must be requested in writing within thirty (30) days of the purchase date. Refunds will be processed within 24 hrs of receipt of cancellation, Issued and mailed to address on file, by check. After the thirty (30) day refund period has lapsed a student will be allowed to attend the class purchased within a 6 (six) month period. After 6 (six) months, no refund or attendance will be allowed.  New purchase will be required to attend any single class or full course.

Special Circumstances- In the event that a student has an unforeseen circumstance and makes the school aware within 30 (days) of the incident , and within the 6 (six) month time frame for “re-sit”  an extension may be requested in writing with proof of circumstance. These circumstances may include but not be limited to : Death of family member/Severe Illness, or student accident. Circumstance will be reviewed and approved in writing by a school administrator.

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