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Earn your Real Estate License from home!


The Real Estate Resource Center, LLC., is proud to offer Arizona Real Estate Pre-Licensing courses. The “Arizona Principles of Real Estate” pre-licensing course is designed to enable our students to become fluent and prepared for the Arizona State examination.  Once enrolled you may plan your attendance according to your own schedule! 


  • You can take your classes from anywhere, anytime that you have access to a computer and on your own schedule! You may only take a maximum of 9 hours within a 24 hour period (there is no minimum). 

  •  You can typically start within 48 hours after you have enrolled and your tuition is paid.

  • There are 28 sessions that are 3 hours each, totaling the 90 hours that are required by the Arizona Dept. of Real Estate.


You will receive the following:

  • All 28 Course Sessions for Arizona Real Estate Principles

  • Arizona Real Estate Digital Textbook

  • Review Course

  • Practice Exams

  • Real Estate Vocab Digital Flashcards

  • School Exam

  • Monthly Virtual Panel discussion

  • Additional one on one tutoring can be purchased separately.


The 28 sessions cover the following topics required by the state of Arizona to be a licensed real estate professional.  

  • Real Estate Law, Listings and Ethics

  • Law of Contracts

  • Land, Real Estate and Property Rights, Real Estate Math Intro.

  • Home Construction, Legal Descriptions, Real Estate Math

  • Appraising and Real Estate Math

  • Agency Law, Disclosures and Environmental Hazards

  • Land Use, Land Control and Encumbrances

  • Home Ownership, Estates in Land, Property Insurance

  • Holding Title and Entities for Ownership

  • Fair Housing, Income Tax, and Insurance

  • Title Transfer, Deeds, Wills and Adverse Possession

  • Recording Acts, Title Insurance, Escrow Instructions, Closing Costs, Statements and Pro-rations

  • Real Estate Finance, Financing Instruments

  • Residential Lending and Qualifying Buyers

  • Interest, Discount Points, Defaults

  • Arizona Licensing Laws, Commissioners Rules, AZ Real Estate Code & Rules

  • Mechanics Liens, Judgements and Subdivision Laws

  • Arizona Property Tax Laws, Homestead, AZ Water Rights, Property Management/Landlord Tenant Act


Refund Policy

Should a student register, pay, and does not start a single class or full course student will be entitled to a refund. The refund must be requested in writing within thirty (30) days of the purchase date. Refunds will be processed within 24 hrs and a check will be issued.  After the thirty (30) day refund period has lapsed a student will be allowed to attend the class purchased within a 6 (six) month period. After 6 (six) months, no refund or attendance will be allowed.  New purchase will be required to attend any single class or full course.

Special Circumstances- In the event that a student has an unforeseen circumstance and makes the school aware within 30 (days) of the incident , and within the 6 (six) month time frame for “re-sit”  an extension may be requested in writing with proof of circumstance. These circumstances may include but not be limited to : Death of family member/Severe Illness, or student accident. Circumstance will be reviewed and approved in writing by a school administrator.

Arizona Real Estate Pre-Licensing (Distance Learning)

  • After purchase please allow up to 48 hours for login information delivery. An enrollment specialist will contact you for an orientation session once you are registered. 

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