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Professional Development

How to lose a Buy in 10 Days

What the F.S.B.O.

  •  How to create Value vs. Justifying your commission

  • Why a F.S.B.O. needs a Realtor

  • How to land a Listing Appointment, and win the Listing with an F .S.B.O.

  • Learn how to develop a relationship with clients that lasts a lifetime

  • Educate Sellers on how TRID may affect their closing

  • Identify and “sell” what sets you apart to clients

  • Encourage your clients to be your best mouth piece

Are You LinkedIn?

It's All About That Database

Not Your Mama's Farm

The Good, The Bad, The Has#tag

  • ​Learn how identify the right "farm" for your brand.

  • Learn how to connect with your niche.

  • Learn how to consistently gain results from your current data base 

  • How to identify the right platforms for your Business

  • How to create a Social Media Strategy & Marketing

  • Plan that gets you noticed

  • How to track your POI using Social Media

  • What's next for the "Big 6"FB,Google+,Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogging


More Coming Soon

  • Why LinkedIn is important                   

  • How to super charge your Profile      

  • What to communicate and with whom.

  • Who's using LinkedIn and what they look for.

  • How to  brand yourself on Social Media locally and globally

  • How to go “viral” or not…

  • How to add value using your own style

  • How to convert online engagement  to leads

Unlocking Your Story

  • The 5 words that tell your story

  • How to win clients with your 5 words

  • How to identify your niche for individual success

  • Learn how to super charge your Data Base

  • Identify referral advocates vs. actual clients

  • Learn how to earn while you take time out, using your data base

Social Soup(2hr Advanced Social Media)

Is Your Open House Open For Business

  • Learn how to effectively stage your open house using what’s there

  • Learn how to “demo” your listing like a pro

  • Learn how to create a buying atmosphere

  • Learn safety tips & tricks

  • Learn how to market to Sellers using your “Open House.”

RPR Basics

  • Learn the basics and beyond of Realtors Property Resource                

  • Learn how to generate reports that get your seller/buyer the best deal     

  • Also learn how RPR goes beyond MLS info

  • Account Setup Included!

  • Are you ready to Snap?

  • Want to use Snapchat but not sure how?

  • Have a profile but ready for more?

  • Snapchat is being used in Real Estate and it's easier than you think!

  • Join us to get snapping!!!

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